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04 May 2010 @ 12:27 am
Usually said as a dismissal but really...there's a point to it.
DO mind your BUSINESS.
Go and take care of things in YOUR life. Laundry, money, YOUR relationships, whatever. Your "business". You do this and you'll be so busy taking care of yourself and your affairs, you won't have to be at the receiving end of that statement.

I, for one, are going to do just that.
If you could hang out with any fictional character for a whole day, who would you choose, and why?

Sirius Black!! Although he'd probably be too cool for me...
24 July 2009 @ 02:33 pm
If you could only eat one kind of cuisine—Mexican, Thai, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc.—for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Italian...I have salivated over the cook books
09 July 2009 @ 12:26 pm
Chuck and Blair of course!! *eep!*
11 May 2009 @ 10:55 pm
Do you ever do anything now that you swore you would never do when you were younger? What is it?

I've been pretty good with this stuff although recently I applied for a credit card...I'm hoping I get a job before that goes through
05 May 2009 @ 12:17 am
There are many roads to LiveJournal—how did you first hear about LJ?

Online message boards and stuff, people were always redirecting picture posts to Livejournal but I didn't really get involved in it until I started watching Gossip Girl and the only way to take part int he community was to have a livejournal blog. Seemed harmless enough, I signed up and haven't looked back since :D
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23 April 2009 @ 04:38 pm
So, I tried watching 90210 (The New Generation as it was persistently marketed as last year) and quite honestly I wanted to blow my brains out, and I strongly disliked the main girl. I can't remember her name but I'll find out in a minute when I start watching.
I won't hold it against her though because I might have been in a bad mood that day although I think it was more because Gossip Girl had returned and 90210 couldn't dream to compare. The script (so to speak) has flipped; now Gossip Girl makes me want to blow my head off and 90210 may just be my new guilty pleasure. And I've been hearing rave reviews about its most recent episodes AND I accidently found out that the main guy Ethan, has been fired! Erm, HELLO offscreen drama!

I can't wait to look back on these entries and see who has gone down the radar and who has gone up.

And, without further ado, I'm going to see what the buzz is all about.

Wait, wait, wait...hold up. They're opening with 'Viva la Vida'? Eek. September it was cool, in April its outdated. But on the upside, this might mean that we'll be getting all the hottest tracks on this show. Its a win.

The mum's gorgeous, actually the whole family is. Except maybe the girl. And the dad. But it could be the lighting. I heard that the actor who plays Dixon was in 'The Wire' or some other hard-hitting show. I'm making a mental note to buy the first season of that on DVD because someone on IMDB said it compares to Oz. As in HBO's Oz. Which is the like THE MOST AWESOME SHOW EVER MADE.

Back to show. I think the mum just said "Dude, I am your trophy wife". Really? "Dude"? God, I hate when parents try to talk hip, especially when they're not even trying to make the kids laugh. It's so strange...and otherworldly. And here comes the Grandma, holding a glass of something alcoholic. How do I know this? Because it precedes her. You never see characters in TV shows rushing forward brandishing a glass of coke.

Oh I love her! And crapwagon may be my new favourite buzzword. Truthfully, she may have meant it in a sense that that's where he puts all the soil and dead stuff but in reference to very, very bad looking cars, it's awesome. And she clearly doesn't like the mum of the kids. I sense passive aggressive dinners and skeletons flying out from the closet (hopefully not in the same seating because they all look like they could use the extra pounds) in their near future.

So Dixon is worried that he's going to have to tell his adoption story? Seriously? In a world where every celeb over 30 is adopting black babies between shopping trips, I'd say you're saved on the storytelling part. Here's what I imagine a confrontation would go like:

Random: So, you and Annie?
Dixon: She's my sister
Random: But ... she's blonde and you have brown hair
Dixon: Yes, yes, I was...wait, what?
Random: Yeah, like your hair dude, it's all different


Dixon:.... Riiiight

Moving on. I wish I was in Beverly Hills, so much sun! God, I despise England...sometimes. And oh God, early morning blowjobs. Gross. I remember in my high school (or Sixth Form as its called, dammit!), this girl was caught giving head. In the cafeteria. At lunch. Actually, this is not that much different. Ethan looks very serious, what's wrong tough guy? It's probably the spotlight up his arse.

Naomi, who I'm guessing is the queen bee of sorts of this school and looks about 25 also storms in looking very angry and delivers a flat insult to the blotched faced "jock". She's no Blair Waldorf.
Annie has very dramatic facial expressions, what's her deal?

The dad's talking to some gorgeous blonde girl-woman (that hairstyle is good for her) and I'm guessing they have a history with the way they keep bumping to into each other and giving each other impish smiles.

But I have to comment on the way these character keep telling each other what the other person's purpose is. For example, Annie was all to her own dad "I hope we don't see you in the hall, MR PRINCIPLE". What, had he he forgotten during the 100000000+ mile trip to RELOCATE for his new job? And just now, the Mr Principle just utter the following "And hey, MISS GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR, I'm hoping you'll be able...." know each other's names! Somehow, I doubt my best friend would be amused to me greeting her with "Hey, ICELAND EMPLOYEE!"
But then again, the episode was titled "We're not in Texas anymore", because you know...most viewers could not see this for them selves? Ahh, I've just being hard on them.

Naomi's sidekicks are lame. And Ethan is dog, cheating on poor Naomi, who by the way, is being surprisingly nice to Annie. She honestly gave her look that screamed 'please go play in traffic' when Annie informed her she did not really need her as a guide that I thought they'd be no turning back. But then she went completely adorable when started complaining about coursework and introduced Ethan. Perhaps she's bi-polar.

But then a very foxy looking girl name Adrianna is introduced and she still manages to retain cool points despite the fact she's in the school play. And may or may not be the cokehead of the show. Actually, that gives her cool points. Or does it? coke cool again? KATE! Help us out here.

And Oh No She Did Not just diss Annie! And with a smile too! Yep, she's on those drugs. I like the fact that it took Annie ten minutes to digest the insult, so ditzy, so me :)

Ethan tells Annie he's not that kind of guy...(douche) before Naomi simpers up to him. Ugh, honey, you could so much better. Besides, Naomi and Ethan look all sorts of wrong together, it's the mismatching hair colour. And Adrianna IS on drugs tut tut, shouldn't waste those looks.

Seriously, Naomi's awesome. She didn't even acknowledge the other girl, Silver. Although why Silver was sucking up to her, I don't know seeing as she sorta-kinda wanted to kick Annie's arse two seconds prior. Thought she had baaaalls.

Sweet Sixteen...please. You're at least 23.

Oh God No, I sense triangles coming up. Mr P has a history with Naomi's mum? And clearly with the career's advisor. Messy and please no suprise step siblings.
Ha! Both the principle and the career advisor think Mrs Clark's a loser. She probably is.

Navid is such a fangirl, he was screaming his lungs out and doing all sorts of dorky dances on that field for Dixon. Who, by the way, should have pushed that guy back harder. I mean, the other guy hardly budged and Dixon did a few runs when the other guy shoved him.

I'm suprised the grandma pointed out the fight might have been racially motivated because she looks and talks WASP-ish I'd think she couldn't care less.

Wow, Dixon and Annie, on a bed, with a sunset. I see you incest! They probably will go down the Clueless route sooner or later, when they run out of storylines. But they're so brotherly and sisterly I hope they don't.

Adrianna just eyed up Naomi's cash, while a text for her overdue drug money came through on her phone. She's so gonna rob her and I kinda hope she does, because seriously, who flashes money like that unless they're looking to get robbed. But then again, they're supposed to friends, so maybe Adrianna should chill. Isn't she supposed to be rich anyway?

Is it me or were there sexy vibes between Naomi and Mr Mathews at the bar? Whatever, I like it.

Jesus, Naomi's mum just showed up Harry's door with a psychotic look in the eye. Bitch is scaring me. She looks like she eats her enemies. But Annie's mum might just be worse. She just uttered the words "We can swap stories about Harry's penis"...what? Sit down.

Ethan just told Naomi she does nothing but shop in a tone that implied that THAT wasn't as important his lacrosse...douche. Does he know how our feet ache after hours of shopping? The fat we burn while walking around ALL DAY? The way it makes us feel good when our friends cheer over our buys? SOUNDS THE SAME TO ME AS BLEEDING LACROSSE!). And then in not so many words calls her self-centred. Which she probably is. But HE turned the conversation to her. He who should be kissing her arse seeing as he's cheating on her or even better, break it off if it makes him so unhappy.

So let me get this straight, Silver (stupid name) made a vicious post on website about a girl she barely knew because she had lunch with someone else? Dependent much? YES! Annie just stood up to her, I thought for a second there she had no backbone after apologizing for eating lunch with her new friend.

But wait...Naomi did something to her? I wonder what....? It better be climatic, lesbian rumours are just not going to cut in in '09.

Ethan's such a wuss. And it looks like Dixon's about to pay him back. I say do it! Nothing to lose, nothing to gain either but still.

I actually love Annie, she's got none of that new girl fake shyness turns into bitch sydrome 4 weeks later. Looks like Adrianna can't stand her already. Would love to see a war between these two.

My ears are bleeding, I take back my request for a war between those two. The only people they'd kill with those voices are the audience. And me.

Naomi orders her mum out of the meeting. In real life, you'd be too frightened to breath.

Hold on, Annie sneaks out of the house to go to crash Naomi's party just so she can explain she can explain to Ethan she wasn't the one who sent the random text? Pick up your damn phone! Seriously! This is worse than the time Rufus walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan in a sweater, during a snow storm to leave a voice on Lily Van Der Woodsen's phone. Seriously, it was a VOICEMAIL. He didn't even SEE her. Why couldn't he have called while ...d'you know what, forget it. This is not worse.

Uh-oh, raging cokehead Adrianna just gave Naomi the purse with the phone containing THAT TXT. Tears and tanrums coming up.

Oh this takes the cake, there is a step sibling out there (BTW, totally called this!). GG taught me well, although it loses points for stealing 90210's storylines. Especially as this is just the premiere.
Bet he wishes he hadn't come for Annie now. And how douchey of him to leave her while she was scared and even now actually. But she looks a bit psycho, so maybe she's making it up. Nahh, I doubt it, she looks heartbroken. God dammit, I like her a little. Ok, kind of a lot now.

God, Naomi looked so sad at that text (but she really didn't know? Or suspect a little?), it made me tear up.

And she just did a totally HILARIOUS turn around when she asked every one to go on the dance floor. The crazy was in the smile. It' was like she was asking them to poisonous apples.

Actually, I was wrong. The outdated pop music is driving me nuts.
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11 April 2009 @ 02:29 pm
Who do you think it is easier to talk about your problems with: your friends, your family, or strangers?

Family - Cousin and a few select friends. But it mainly depends on the problem
09 April 2009 @ 07:23 pm
If you were to have another name, what would it be?

I used to love the name Phoebe when I was obsessed with Charmed but now I think I'd just stick with my given name, Catherine.
31 March 2009 @ 09:48 am
As the old saying goes, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Weather aside, how did March come and go in your life this year?

Came in like a lamb, went out like a lion.